Beau Moffatt - Web and Business Strategy Consultant - Chattanooga, TNMy resume says I am a "self-motivated, goal-oriented, people-focused team player who strives to do all things with excellence." So what does that really mean? It means I'm an extrovert who thrives when working in conjunction with others and I'm driven to accomplish goals. For my clients, this translates into collaborative work relationships where we establish achievable goals and measurable benchmarks for their businesses and organizations.

I love encouraging those around me to utilize their strengths for personal and professional growth. Developing genuine relationships and building trust does not happen over night. They are the products of consistent actions and results experienced over time.

I'm committed to the details and quality. One thing you may not know about me--I'm an Eagle Scout. That's important because from a very early age I learned the value of honesty, integrity, and leadership. While being far from perfect, I strive daily to live and work in a manner consistent with those high standards learned from my youth.

Combining over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner with my time in corporate America drives my passion to help other businesses and organizations develop strategies to thrive. Whether it's SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Customer Service, internal process improvement, or web marketing strategy, I love seeing clients find success!

Enough about me...Let's hear about you!  Drop me a note or let's sit down over coffee to find out if we're a good fit to work together!